When will it melt? Annual snow guessing contest is on now!

When will it melt?

Update: THE SNOW PILE HAS MELTED! The last of the snow in our pile disappeared on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. That’s about one week earlier than last year’s date, May 21, 2019. Congratulations to Bill L, the one person who guessed the correct date, and to Jackie L., Peggy J., and Savannah M. who were our runners up.

It’s our second annual snow guessing contest! When will the pile of snow on Library Street melt? Last year it was May 22nd, but who knows what will happen in 2020. The pile is shorter this year, but extends further back from the road. Is there more dirt mixed in to insulate it? More salt to help it melt faster? Only time will tell!

Visit the library to place your guess. One guess per person, no more than two people per date, and you must be present at the library to enter. Our library staff will go out and take a look at the pile every day, and once we can no longer find any snow under the leftover dirt piles, we’ll name some winners. The 4 people will the closest guesses (the day of the final melt or earlier) will win one of the prizes donated by Mercer businesses:

All entries must be placed by April 6. Good luck!

*Thank you to Jerry Huffmaster for climbing the snow pile to give us some perspective on its size. No maintenance staff were injured in the making of this photo!