Used Books Wanted

The Friends of the Library sponsors USED BOOK SALES to coincide with National Library Week in April and Loon Day in August. We need materials for the sale! Please bring in your donations during our normal library hours.

We gladly accept the following materials in good used condition:

  • hardcover and paperback books
  • children’s books
  • DVDs
  • music CDs
  • board games
  • puzzles with all their pieces
  • workbooks like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, coloring books, etc., ONLY if they are unused

Sorry, we cannot accept the following:

  • textbooks
  • encyclopedias
  • magazines
  • “condensed” books
  • used workbooks or puzzle books
  • items that are moldy or have insect or animal damage, due to the risk of spreading those problems to other books at the library

Can I get a receipt?

The library is happy to provide a donation receipt for your donated books and other items, but all we are able to provide is a receipt for the number of items, type (hardcover, paperback, etc.), and general condition. Figuring out their value is a job for you and your tax preparer. The IRS’s guidelines for determining value can be found here.

What if I have more valuable items?

If you suspect that you have any titles with more value than the average used book, you should take notes on the title, publication date, condition, dust jacket, and any special characteristics like autographs, and then look them up in online booksellers to determine their value. Some sites to check might include and . Factors that affect value include the edition (first editions of important titles have more value than other editions, in general); the condition of the book and dust jacket; presence of authentic autographs from well-known writers; and rarity of the book. Just because a book is old doesn’t mean it is valuable!