Mercer Library Earth Day T-Shirts

earth day t shirt with watercolor elephant and be kind to the earth text

Order your own MPL Earth Day shirt! The Mercer Public Library hosts an Earth Day Fair every year, and as part of that event, the Friends of the Library often order Earth Day T-Shirts. We’re trying something a little different in 2024: This year, anyone can order their own shirt online and it will be delivered to the library for pickup.

You can order your shirt here:

Orders MUST be placed by 02/15/2024!

Each person will select and pay for what they want, and all of our group’s items will be shipped together to the Mercer Library after 03/01/2024. If our total order includes more than 12 shirts, they will be personalized with our library’s name. If our order is smaller than 12, your shirt will still ship but will not be personalized.