Wireless Hotspot Lending Policy

The Mercer Public Library (MPL) has a limited number of wireless hotspots available for lending.

Some of this equipment has been provided by a grant from the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF). ECF-supported equipment and services can only be provided to library patrons who declare that they do not have access to the equipment or services sufficient to access the internet. Patrons wishing to borrow this equipment must initial a statement declaring that they do not have access to such equipment or services. The library is required to retain records showing the usage of ECF-funded devices for ten (10) years, but no personally identifiable information of borrowers will be included in those records.

Hotspots provided by ECF funding will include content filtering. The Mercer Library has no control over the filter parameters and cannot guarantee that the filter will block all objectionable content on the internet. The library is not responsible for information accessed using this device or for personal information shared over the internet. Deliberately altering the filter or settings of Library-owned equipment is strictly prohibited.

Wireless hotspots are available to Mercer Library cardholders who are 18 years of age or older and who have a card in good standing. Patrons are allowed to check out only one hotspot per household at a time. Hotspots are checked out for a 7-day period with no renewals available. Households who return a hotspot must wait at least 24 hours before checking out a hotspot again.

Hotspots may only be borrowed directly from the Mercer Library and must be returned to the library during normal library hours. Hotspots may not be returned in the bookdrop or to other area libraries. If a hotspot is not returned on time, the hotspot will be deactivated, and the patron may be charged a reactivation fee. If the hotspot or any of its accessories are lost or damaged, the borrowing patron will be charged the full replacement cost of the item.

Policy approved 8/9/2022