Fines and charges

The Mercer Public Library is FINE-FREE. There are no overdue fines charged for any library materials. Patrons are still encouraged to honor due dates and request renewals for any materials that they wish to keep longer.

Patrons will be charged the full replacement cost plus a $5 fee for any materials not returned to the library or for any materials damaged beyond normal use. Any patrons with $5 or more in replacement fees on their library card shall not be permitted to check out more materials.

A first-level overdue notice is generated when the material is one week overdue. Patrons with an email address on file will be sent the first-level notice by email. In order to limit the time and expense of sending notices, first-level overdue notices will not be sent via letter. A second-level overdue notice is generated when the material is two weeks overdue. All patrons will be sent the second-level notice by email or by letter.

Any materials more than four (4) weeks past due will be considered lost and will be billed to the patron at the current replacement cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.  A replacement fee notice will be sent by email or by letter. If the value of the item is unknown or if the item is irreplaceable, the processing fee plus a charge equal to the value of the lost item or the cost of an equivalent item, whichever is higher, will be assessed.

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy reminder, and the library will not be responsible for notices that are misdirected. Patrons are encouraged to keep their mailing address, phone number, and email address updated with the library in order to receive timely notices.