Avoiding COVID-19 misinformation and scams

As happens during any major event, misinformation has started spreading about the COVID-19 virus. Scammers are also starting to take advantage of the public’s anxiety over this issue. We encourage you to seek out reliable sources of information when making decisions about your health, finances, and other important issues during this worldwide crisis.

Please help avoid the spread of misinformation: fact-check BEFORE you share! Here are some useful fact-checking resources about COVID-19:

Avoiding Medicare fraud

The Senior Medicare Patrol is reporting several consumer scams related to the COVID-19 virus. See their website for more information. Here are some tips for avoiding COVID-19 Medicare fraud:

  • Never give out your Medicare number, Social Security number, bank account information, credit card number, or any other personal information to unsolicited phone calls, texts, emails, or any other public venues.
  • There are no approved treatments OR in-home tests for COVID-19. Be wary of anyone selling products they claim can test for, prevent, or cure COVID-19.
  • Review your Medicare statements and explanation of benefits for errors or for charges for services you did not receive.
  • Contact your health provider if you have questions about COVID-19. Do not rely on advertisements or unsolicited calls, texts, emails, or social media posts for health information.

Last updated: March 30, 2020