Borrow a Wireless Hotspot

Need internet access at home or at the cabin? You can now borrow a wireless hotspot from the Mercer Library!

The library now has two Kajeet 4G Wireless Hotspots available for patrons to borrow. The hotspots were provided by a grant from the Emergency Connectivity Fund. Patrons ages 18 and older can borrow a hotspot for seven days. 

Wireless hotspots are the latest addition to the Mercer Library’s Library of Things.

Mercer Library Hotspot Guidelines

By borrowing this wireless hotspot from the Mercer Public Library, you declare that you do not have access to the equipment or services sufficient to access the internet. The first time you borrow a hotspot from the Mercer Library, you will be asked to initial a statement verifying this.

  • Hotspots are available to Mercer Library cardholders ages 18 and older. Your library card must be in good standing to borrow a hotspot.
  • Internet service with this wireless hotspot will depend on cell tower technology and coverage in your area. The Mercer Library cannot guarantee that the hotspot will work well in your location.
  • Hotspots funded by the federal Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) include content filtering. We cannot guarantee that the filter will block all objectionable content on the internet. Do not attempt to alter or disable the filter or any other features of the device.
  • Hotspots are loaned for seven (7) days. If a hotspot is not returned on time and in good condition, it will be deactivated by the library.
  • Each household may check out only one hotspot at a time. Upon returning the hotspot, the household must wait at least 24 hours before checking out another hotspot.
  • Hotspots must be returned to the library during normal library hours. Do not place hotspots in the book drop.
  • If you do not follow any of these guidelines, you may be charged as follows:
    • Fee for returning hotspot in the bookdrop: $5
    • Reactivation fee: $5
    • Replacement fees: Hotspot – $100; Case – $10; USB wall charger – $10; USB-C Charging cable – $15