Library History

Mercer Community Center Built

January 1, 1937

The Community Center building was constructed as a project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which hired Iron County residents…

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Women’s Civic Club starts a new library

January 1, 1938

In the mid-1930’s, a group of women organized to form the Mercer Civic Women’s Club. These ambitious ladies made many…

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Mercer Library continues to grow

December 1, 1939

By the end of 1939 there were approximately 600 books in the Mercer Library. By September of 1941, the library…

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First Library Board appointed

May 28, 1956

On May 28, 1956, the town of Mercer appointed the first town library board, formalizing the town’s official sponsorship of…

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Library moves to Haines Building

January 1, 1980

By 1980, the library had outgrown its space in the Community Center. The town moved the library into the Haines…

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Townspeople vote to build new library

May 1, 1993

In 1990 the Library board started exploring different options for the library. At the annual town meeting in May of…

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New library opens

October 1, 1997

In November of 1996, ground was broken for a new library and the renovation of the community center began. The first…

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New library staff hired

October 5, 1997

Debbie Hohner was hired as children’s librarian and Renie Lawrence was hired as library assistant. Debbie would go on to…

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Mercer begins plans to expand the library again

October 1, 2007

Over the next 13 years, the library’s collection more than doubled and the number of annual visitors to the library…

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New library director hired

September 1, 2008

After 10 years of dedicated service to the Mercer Library, Debbie Hohner took a new job as a teacher at…

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Library expansion project completed

May 1, 2013

The library board established a building committee to work on fundraising for a new addition to the library, and after…

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